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Teresa Lines

This is the blog of security, crisis, training and humanitarian management professional Teresa Lines. This blog will explore various aspects of Terri Lines’s professional life and personal interests, covering a range of topics including how the UK helps refugees through safe and legal routes, the importance of crowd control in event security and some of the best walks in Dorset.

Teresa Lines

Security – Crisis – Training – Humanitarian Management

UK Resettlement Scheme

The UK Resettlement Scheme was launched in February 2021, helping to bring vulnerable refugees to the UK to start a new life. The scheme continues to prioritise refugees in regions of instability and conflict, as opposed to those who are already in safe European countries. The number of refugees resettled in the UK through the scheme varies depending on several factors including the number of community groups willing to participate and local authorities’ capacity to support refugees.

The Community Sponsorship Scheme

The Community Sponsorship Scheme involves local community groups providing support and housing for resettled individuals or families, rather than the local authorities. As a smaller global initiative, the Mandate Resettlement Scheme resettles refugees with a close UK family member who is willing to support them.

Teresa Lines

Crowd Control

Crowd control is an essential element of event security management and focuses on ensuring the wellbeing and safety of attendees. An out-of-control crowd can cause many serious problems, such as property damage and injury to individuals due to the attendant panic and chaos. Understanding crowd dynamics and recognising certain behaviours is a crucial part of exercising effective crowd control. For example, herding behaviour is when individuals follow the crowd’s movement without using their own judgement, while mob mentality refers to how individuals tend to become more impulsive and aggressive when part of a crowd.

Hobbies & Interests

Dorset is a beautiful area of the UK, and walking is one of the best ways to see the region, opening up parts of the countryside and coast that are otherwise inaccessible. Some of the loveliest walks in Dorset include the 14 km hike from Corfe Castle to Ballard Down and the 7.2 km walk that takes in West Bay and Eype. There is also the challenging hike from Seaton to Lyme Regis, which takes the walker through the Lyme Regis undercliff, a natural feature that appears in the novel The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles. Alternatively, to ascend to the highest point on the south coast of Britain, head to the summit of Golden Cap, which takes its name from its golden greensand rock.